Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jasmine's new collar

Recently, we went to the bridle trails near Kohler Andrae State Park, for a walk.  A while back, the retractable leash had been taken out of the car and never put back.  In our eagerness to get to the walk, we forgot to double-check that we HAD a leash.  Oy.  So, we were at the park with an excited dog and no leash.  PetSmart was closer than going home, so we went there.  It turned out they were having a buy one/get one 50% off with the collars and leashes, so we bought a collar, too.  We ended up buying a Kong Comfort Plaid Collar and a Kong Leash.  The collar and the leash are both soft to the touch and comfortable for the dog and the person holding the leash.  She had a collar, but it was getting faded, so we got her a new one.  The old collar was a Lupine collar with a lighthouse print on it.  We thought it was a fine collar, but since we have the new collar on her, she isn't licking her paws anymore.  She was licking her paws so much, that we had to keep a cone on her most of the time, because she'd lick herself raw.

Hubby was inspecting the old collar and there is a seam that seems kind of poky and uncomfortable.  Since we have the new collar on her, she is a like a different dog.  She isn't licking her paws, doesn't need the cone of shame, and just seems happier.  She'd had the old collar a LONG time, like most of the time that we've had her.  We would never have thought that the collar was bothering her neck and that's why she was licking her paws.  I feel really bad now.  She could have had a more comfortable life the last few years.

At the bridle trails with Sarah, left and Emily, right.

Jasmine hanging out in her crate

Jasmine's new collar

Jasmine's new collar again

Jasmine walking in the yard. Grass is trying to turn green.

We should just throw the other collar away. It's old anyway. So, back to the walk.  She did enjoy her walk and probably would like to go back soon!  For the moment, though, one daughter is working and the other daughter is painting her room, so the house is in turmoil and we don't have much time to get to the bridle trails.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jasmine in the leaves

Mom took some pictures of me, out in the yard today.  I was in my glory posing for her!

Jasmine, laying on the leaves from the neighbor's birch tree.
Jasmine, posing in the birch leaves, falling from our neighbor's tree!

In reality, I must have been listening to some interesting sounds! Mom really wanted a picture of me for her twitter header!

Sniffing the lawn.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Jasmine Update

I've been ignoring this! Too many other responsibilities! Jasmine has been battling a yeast infection on her belly. We saw the vet a week ago and with the addition of oral ketoconazole and washing her belly with keto-chlor once a day, it's much improved in a week's time. Unfortunately, she needs to wear the cone of shame, because otherwise, she'd lick her belly into flaming redness. Maybe she won't have to wear it for too much longer. I just wanted to post, so we'd could keep a record of this. The vet also said to call in 2 weeks, with an update, so that will be next week Thursday (April 12th, 2012).

She's quite cooperative with the belly scrubbing. Just jumps on our bed and rolls right over, so I can get the job done! A few times, she's gone hiding in her crate, or under my computer desk. Then I just go hang out in my bedroom, until she can't stand it anymore and comes to me! LOL! She does, eventually! (Just like a little kid, I swear!)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Winter's almost over

Maybe I'll get to go to Kohler-Andrae State Park soon. It's been a long time. Sometimes, I think we are driving there, but we are just going to Walmart or Wendy's. Darn it. I miss walking on the beach.

Last night it snowed a little bit. The sidewalks and driveways were all clear of snow and I was even getting some grass back, but now all I see is snow. Mom says we only got about an inch, though, so it probably won't last too long. Mom says she is ready for flowers. Do I tell her it's only February?

I"m ready for spring. That's enough with the snow for now. I do like rolling in it, though, and getting my snout all full of snow. Mom always laughs at me. Also, I'd like the snow to melt around the mugho pine, because I know that rabbits hide under there and it's fun to flush them out. They run so fast to the neighbor's yard. I don't usually chase them, though.

Maybe with warmer weather, someone will get me to the park. I needs me a park fix. Bad.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Walk at Kohler Andrae State Park

We went to the beach yesterday, at Kohler-Andrae State Parkdf, where we've been taking Jasmine, since the fireworks trauma, of the beginning of the month! It's her fireworks-free zone and she has really appreciated that! We've enjoyed lots of sunset light, since we usually go in the evening. This time, we wanted to shake things up a bit, so we went around 11am, yesterday. The sun is sure a lot brighter! LOL! Jasmine loved wading in the water and rolling in the sand. We even met up with another family that had an Australian cattle dog, named Tina. They even recognized Jasmine, from a picture on Google Images, of a previous visit to the park!

On the boardwalk, over the sand dunes, there was so much grass. It was like being on a prarie. You'd never know we were so close to the beach. Jasmine appears to be enjoying this, also. She was standing there, just sniffing the breeze. Doesn't she look happy?

This was Jasmine, after our walk. For some odd reason, my car wouldn't start, and we had to wait for Gary to come. We really should bring our cellphones along, but we'd forgotten. When Gary got there, my car fired right up. Go figure.

We were sitting in the shade with Jasmine. She was panting so hard, but it did ease up a little, as she cooled off.

Our little princess, goes crazy, when we prepare to go to the park. She knows that the Flexi leash is the special "park" leash. I like it, because it gives her more freedom, than a regular leash. She ends up getting twice the walk, since she walks out to the end and then comes back again. I'm so glad we have such a special place, so close to our house! It's definitely worth the price of the park stickers!

Monday, July 07, 2008

I don't like firecrackers

Wow, it's been a tough coupla weeks. It started on June 21st, that I heard someone setting off firecrackers in their yard. I ran as fast as I could, to the door, for someone to let me in. Then, as it got closer to the 4th, I heard them more and more and more, to the point, where I refused to go potty outside and refused to go for walks. After all, it's scary out there? Don't you know the sky is falling?

So, then I started going inside the house, but then the fireworks started going off inside the house, because mom and dad were mad about me pottying in the living room. They even got some ACE tranquilizer medicine, but I still wouldn't go outside, or if I did, all I would do is struggle and pull with all my might, until someone gave up and just let me back into the house.

Well, now it's quieter outside, so I'm back to doing my business outside and mom isn't giving me the medicine anymore. Mom hates this part of 4th of July. We don't set off any of our own fireworks, because they are dangerous and I get freaked out enough with everyone else's.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beware of broken glass

My mom had just come home from work and my oldest sis was trying to get taco fixins' out of the fridge for mom to have a snack, when there was a big noise and a big mess! A bowl of pudding had fallen out of the fridge and broken. It's a good thing that I didn't have my nose right up by the fridge, because I could have gotten killed! LOL! (not really.) I was at the other end of the kitchen and my mom put me in my crate quickly, and locked one of the latches. She said she didn't want me to hurt my paws trying to walk through glass. Mom got a little annoyed that right after she got home from work, she had to clean up a big mess. She says to tell you that Anchor Hocking bowls break into a bazillion little pieces! After the glass and pudding was pretty much swept up, she made my oldest sis mop the pudding messes up.

So, beware of things that are precariously placed, in the refrigerator! They could be damaging to human feet and doggie paws! My oldest sis, who was by the fridge when it happened sustained 3 small cuts on her feet and ankles, from the glass, too. Yikes.

Mom was glad my crate was right there in the kitchen, so she could keep me safe.